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(Open to all current Legionnaires, SAL, Auxiliary members)

 If interested and would like my assistance in reserving and submitting your entry, let me know via email (team or individual). I can email the entry application to you or the application will be available at the Post on 05-Nov-2018 (Bulletin Board).

 Also see flyer attached - Notes:

(1) Requirement for a Legionnaire to be on the Team Event has been deleted; therefore, any combination of bowlers can be on the Team Event.

(2) There are only two weekends available (Reserved when entry fees are received. Looking to bowl on 09/10 March 2019.

 Take Care, Don Caudell Jr.

American Legion Post 331 Family Members

Legion, Auxiliary and SAL


Please pay your 2019 dues prior to Dec 31, 2018


On January 1st, 2019 you will be asked for your 2019 membership card.

If you donít have your 2019 membership card you will not be served.


Please donít give the staff a hard time as they are doing their job.† You may be asked more than once in January to show your card.